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Grapefruit Lime and Rosemary Water

Grapefruit Lime and Rosemary Water

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• 1 red grapefruit

• 1 lime

• 3 rosemary sprigs, plus extra to serve (optional)

• 1ltr sparkling mineral water


1) Pare the grapefruit with a vegetable peeler and remove the white pith from the peel. Cut the grapefruit into segments, trimming any remaining pith from the edges, then put the flesh and peel in a 1.5ltr sealable jar.

2) Thinly slice the lime and add to the jar along with 3 rosemary sprigs. Gently pour over 1ltr sparkling mineral water, then seal and chill in the fridge for 30 mins to infuse. Serve with ice and an extra rosemary sprig, if you like.

Get ahead: Infuse the water the day before – just remove the rosemary after 3 hours to stop it overpowering the citrus.

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