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Contrary to popular belief, anti-inflammation IS NOT only tackled with nutrition and detox remedies! Yes food and exercise to reduce the bloating will work. But will only take you so far. Did you know that worries / stress / anxiety PUFFS YOU UP? Yes it does! Have a look at the Stress Reduction and Green Smoothies plus recommended herbs and spices to reduce, relieve and RECHARGE! Nat x

Here are some GREAT GREEN Smoothies and Juices for you to try x

Simple Green Juice


• 3 Large Green Apples

• 200g Fresh Kale

• ½ Cucumber

• 25g Fresh Spinach

• ½ Small Lemon, juice only


• Wash all the ingredients. Cut the apples into quarters, kale and cucumber into smaller pieces that fit inside the juicer chute.

• Juice everything except for the lemon.

• Taste the juice. If you feel like it doesn’t need any lemon juice, omit it completely.


Great Hack if youre not in love with your Greens sachets from the health stores and mix in with some water and down them like a tequila shot! (no tequila though, leave it for the weekend ?)

Herbs and Spices !

Anti-Inflammatory Spices






Black pepper.


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