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I want to talk about avocados.

The power food that's been given the biggest hype and not only because of its dense and creamy and filling properties.

More importantly?

Because they make your hormones HAPPY!

It's such a win-win fruit (yes it's a fruit!)

I love them and have no problem eating them daily. However, it is an acquired taste to get used to at the beginning so I always ask some in the group to include them in smoothies so they still get the benefits.

SO why Avos?

  • Heart health benefits - Avos has folic acid, and vitamins B6 and E which are great for heart health

  • Lowers blood pressure - Because of the high levels of potassium - avos help in lowering your blood pressure.

  • Lowers cholesterol levels - A study conducted shows that eating an avo a day for one week lowered cholesterol levels by 17%

  • Helps absorb Nutrients - Research has shown that certain nutrients are absorbed better when eaten with avos.

  • Balanced hormone levels - Certain fats are necessary for fat metabolism and fat breakdown as well as hormone production.

  • Controls Blood sugar - The good fats in the avo are called monounsaturated fats, and including these types of fats in your diet help keep your blood sugar in check by improving insulin sensitivity.

  • Helps your body fight free radicals - Avos are rich in antioxidants, which help the body fight free radicals and prevent raging symptoms. Avos also boost immune systems and help build a healthy nervous system.

SO invest in them (I know they aren't cheap )

Include them in your salads, smoothies, or as standalone with some pink salt and olive oil... YUM!

Here's also a great way to also "dip" avos into your day!

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes Serves: 4

2 medium-sized ripe avocados
Juice of ½ lemon or lime
¼ small onion finely chopped
Chopped flesh of 1 medium ripe tomato (seeds and skin removed)
½ red chili, de-seeded and finely chopped
Chopped coriander

Remove the skin and stone from the avocados and roughly mash the flesh
Add all the other ingredients and stir to thoroughly mix Serve with crudites, crispbread, toasted wholemeal pitta’s, wholemeal toast, or oatcakes.

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