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High Protein Lunch Hacks for Women

High Protein Lunch Hacks for Women: Make Your Own Healthy Meals

You ready?

High Protein Lunch Hacks:

  • Plan Ahead: Dedicate time each week to plan your lunches and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients.

  • Batch Cooking: Prepare protein-rich foods, like grilled chicken or boiled eggs, at the beginning of the week to easily incorporate them into different lunch recipes.

  • Salad Jars: Make colourful and nutrient-packed salad jars in advance, layering ingredients for easy mixing and enjoyment at lunchtime.

  • Wraps and Roll-Ups: Use whole grain wraps or collard green leaves as a low-carb alternative, filling them with lean turkey, smoked salmon, hummus, or grilled vegetables.

  • Quinoa and Legumes: Include protein-packed grains like quinoa and legumes such as lentils and chickpeas in your lunch recipes for essential nutrients.

  • Snack Smart: Prepare your own high protein snacks like Greek yogurt with mixed berries, homemade protein bars, roasted chickpeas, or nuts and seeds.

  • Leftovers Reinvented: Transform leftovers into a delicious lunch, such as turning grilled chicken into a salad or using roasted vegetables to top a quinoa bowl.


-You’ll save money

-Save the second guessing as you’ll know EXACTLY whats in the food

-You’ll feel empowered you are taking control of your nutrition 

-You’ll feel so chuffed with your new re-kindled skill!

OK you can also take a break at times! But most often than not the healthy routine will reward you in the long run x

Hope this helps you today x


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