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Alright, guys, today we're going to talk about a little bit of a heavy topic, and that is body image. 

Studies show that for women body image is the number one shame trigger in women. Interesting enough, for men, the number one shame trigger is feeling like they aren't enough, like they're not providing enough for their families, or that they're not good enough. But back to the topic at hand, which is body image. It's something that I want to talk about, because every single person, no matter who you are, struggles with some form of body image. I've talked to women mainly who feel, you know, like they're too skinny and other women who aren't skinny enough. Or women who don't like their nose, or who don't like their short legs, or who don't like their, you know, their arms. I mean, everybody has something that we struggle with, right?

The best advice I give is to realise you must love yourself, no matter what stage you're at, is one of the most important lessons that I've learned, at least in my journey and what I've seen other clients that I've worked with as well.

Here's the thing. It's a really dangerous slippery slope to say, "Well, I'll like how I look in the mirror when I lose 5 kilos, right, because then you're putting value on those 5 kilos, and you're not loving yourself until you get to a certain weight or goal or destination. I can tell you, I can promise you just from experience with the groups that I've worked with, that if losing the 5 kilos is your ultimate goal in loving yourself, I promise, once you get to that weight, you're still going to find ANOTHER flaw within yourself, right?

The goal is that you have to really love yourself fully and completely, and then set those goals separately, but don't make loving yourself conditional upon how much you weigh or don't weigh, or how much weight you lose or can't lose.

CONDITIONS are not only limited to weight management!

Some people wish they were smarter




more confident

more popular

etc etc!

Ultimately? Work on loving yourself RIGHT NOW

and from a LOVE starting point? Anything is POSSIBLE!

2 easy tips to try:

1. Give yourself a high 5 in the mirror first thing in the morning

2. Whenever that INNER NEGATIVE Voice starts whispering unsupportive comments at you countdown 5/4/3/2/1 and SHUT THE DAMN THING UP!

Hope this is what you needed to listen to today!

Have a super Day :)

Natalie xxxxx

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