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Protein is essential for building muscle, improving your metabolism, and for overall healthy bodily functions.

High-protein snacks are also great between meals because protein digests slowly, helping you feel fuller for longer. This helps curb cravings and prevents you from snacking on high-calorie snacks.

BUT it doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming to increase protein in your day to day !

So here are easy hacks to eat more Protein without trying!

·       Meal prep protein into every meal. ... 

chicken / fish / kefir / beef jerky / pumpkin seeds / hard boiled eggs, there are many more - which ones do you use?

·       Add a protein powder to the routine you already have. ... 

buy good quality organic and sprinkle on food, add to smoothies

·       Have protein-rich snacks on hand. ... 

I sometimes bulk bake / cook my own frittatas or make my own protein muffins / egg muffins / pan cakes

What do you do?

It would be GREAT to hear if you up your protein this week !

p.s. Do you take collagen powder? It isn't a compete protein and I would suggest doing more research whether to take both whey / plant protein together with collagen or just one - and would love to know, which ones do you use?

I’m using Ancient + Brave collagen and Sun Warrior plant based powder x

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