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New Trial Challenge


Everything I've used in the past, personally! Whenever I get ready for an event or when I had to do my website photos.

I'll be using NEW Methods I have never used with you before.

Training and Nutrition will be intense I WILL NOT LIE. I like to be transparent with you in everything I do with you. YES THAT’S RIGHT, I'll be doing this one with you guys! eek!

The downside - you'll have to say bye bye to some of your comfy habits

The UPSIDE - Oh my..... do I have enough space to list it all out? LOL!!

  • You'll get the usuals from me on fitness, food and health BUT WE'RE DIGGING DEEPER

  • You'll get more knowledgable on macros / eating per your body weight / body types, ultimately understanding you and your body x

  • You'll get shop lists on how best to eat for MenoPause / Fat Loss / Vegan / Veggie / and Regular Anti-Inflammation

  • You'll get stronger

  • You'll get leaner

  • You'll rid the inflammation

  • You'll get in an AMAZING mindset

  • You'll let go of negative self talk

  • You'll become that confident sassy woman by xmas :)!


I'm hiring a photographer to ACTUALLY photoshoot us at the end of the Challenge - super fun!

I'll get a couple of makeup artists to help us with tips on our makeup and other tips and hacks, and I'll bring over some bubbly too!

OK so who doesn't want to say YES to SUCCESS!

It’s a TRIAL Programme so I'm giving it away AT AN AMAZING DISCOUNT PRICE £37 for you (if you are in my Your Health Hub (UPGRADED) you get this included in your membership!)

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3.5 weeks

Starts November 1st