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New Trial Challenge


Everything I've used in the past, personally! Whenever I get ready for an event or when I had to do my website photos.

I'll be using NEW Methods I have never used with you before.

Training and Nutrition will be intense I WILL NOT LIE. I like to be transparent with you in everything I do with you. YES THAT’S RIGHT, I'll be doing this one with you guys! eek!

The downside - you'll have to say bye bye to some of your comfy habits

The UPSIDE - Oh my..... do I have enough space to list it all out? LOL!!

  • You'll get the usuals from me on fitness, food and health BUT WE'RE DIGGING DEEPER

  • You'll get more knowledgable on macros / eating per your body weight / body types, ultimately understanding you and your body x

  • You'll get shop lists on how best to eat for MenoPause / Fat Loss / Vegan / Veggie / and Regular Anti-Inflammation

  • You'll get stronger

  • You'll get leaner

  • You'll rid the inflammation

  • You'll get in an AMAZING mindset

  • You'll let go of negative self talk

  • You'll become that confident sassy woman by xmas :)!


I'm hiring a photographer to ACTUALLY photoshoot us at the end of the Challenge - super fun!

I'll get a couple of makeup artists to help us with tips on our makeup and other tips and hacks, and I'll bring over some bubbly too!

OK so who doesn't want to say YES to SUCCESS!

It’s a TRIAL Programme so I'm giving it away AT AN AMAZING DISCOUNT PRICE £37 for you (if you are in my Your Health Hub (UPGRADED) you get this included in your membership!)

Upgraded Members Skip Payment and Join the Facebook Group:

3.5 weeks

Starts November 1st


  • BePhotoShootReady

    Valid for 2 months

After your payment, make sure you watch out for an email for your next steps!

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Having undertaken Natalie’s 21 day up-level your life plan, I felt confident to try the next challenge. It was tough and although I didn’t follow it to the letter, I did my best to follow it as best as I could.

Start weight was 68.9 and by the end of the plan I weighed 66.0 plus a loss of 2” from both my leg and waist.

However what I gained more was a sense of achievement and confidence. The 21 day plan was interwoven into everything I was doing and, even now, it is still embedded in my thinking.

It was only 4 weeks but I feel confident to keep going with my healthy lifestyle because I genuinely believe my thought patterns have transformed.

I have finally started picking up those weights, continue to track my food and exercise and am looking forward to further progress in the months ahead.

I am so grateful to Natalie for the gift of support and knowledge. Thank you. And I would encourage anyone who feels stuck, has been a yo-yo dieter or has started with good intentions and given up on themselves to take up Natalie’s plans and challenges. Go on!



Being a busy working woman, mum, wife, friend etc is not easy in this busy life we all live and sometimes we tend to put everything first and us last. Disregarding what we eat, finding time for ourselves and if you like to train, well that it definitely the last thing on the list as you don’t have time (or so we think).

Sometimes in life you need something or someone to shake you up and get you to realize that you can be all the above and even better if you just start looking after yourself. Find a little bit of YOU time in each day, eat the right things that give you energy and exercise that makes you feel good.

This program (Bephotoshootready) and Natalie Hill have done just that for me!! Thank you Natalie your amazing ❤️ When you’re given guidance and motivation by professionals like her it’s a winning game.

I’ve followed this program for 3 half weeks (well 3 weeks coz I started later!) and it’s been a total game changer for me. I’m currently doing works at home, working shift hours, being a housewife, mum and nurse this last week too. But I’ve managed to keep to it, done my workouts and training. Eating healthy foods that makes me feel great, energetic and helped me loose weight (and my skin looks great too). Loved the food tracking kept me motivated 💃🏻💃🏻

I’ve lost 2 kilos but happy as I’ve lost 15cm in volume and feel stronger too 💪🏼💪🏼

And the thing that really made a difference for me is the mentality that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, some days you can give it 100% some days 110% but it’s ok when you can only give it 5%. Every day is new day and we can start afresh giving it 100%. ❤️