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I am Natalie Hill


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​In my younger years, I was in the corporate sector and then left it to pursue my fitness and health work full time.

So in other words, 15 years ago I took a leap of faith to follow my dreams!

I have since a very early age been engaged with sports and the performing arts. I have represented Gibraltar in both areas and to date still thrive with my training and movement!

I also love interacting with others, learning about different cultures, tendencies and stories.

More-so, my mission lies in helping empower people to be open to possibilities when they can’t see them for themselves.​ It is through my experiences and studies, past and present, that I have come to learn about true fulfillment, values and my life purpose.

Now that I have found my gift, I intend to give it all away.


My goal is to TO LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE and if you decide to embark on this journey with me, I can help you break down the barriers that are holding you back. Even if you come from a small town where DREAMING BIGGER can be challenging, believe me I am that old town girl too :)

Gibraltar is UNIQUE! It is not considered a town or a country nor a city... It's just such a GEM ! Mighty Mighty Rock Of Gibraltar! Our forefathers have been through tough TOUGH history. We can only applause and be grateful of how resilience has rubbed off throughout new generations. Gibraltarians ROCK! Oh and so do the tail less monkeys ;)​


Gibraltar is a fun, funky place, everyone knows each other and the sense of community here is second to none. Believe me that’s why I JUST LOVE what I have created, another FAB FAB Community for women a place where they are welcomed and understood.​

I know you have a very busy life but taking care of yourself will pay off in so many different ways...

I also know what it's like to have a busy life...


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Did I mention I’m also a mum of two young girls and a partner to an extreme sports enthusiast and sportsman?

Life is very busy but exciting!

It hasn’t always been the case and so with a few years of struggle, I have met my strengths.

How a small town girl DREAMING BIG ​NEVER EVER EVER gave up? By believing and keep pushing and moving forwards.

I am grateful for what I have achieved and have become. A woman who believes that anything is possible.

No Barrier, no limiting belief will stop me.

And my mission is to SPREAD that belief to women who are tired of feeling that they are destined for more!

And my mission is to spread that belief to women

who are tired of feeling that they are destined for more!

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I believe in LIFTING each other up and better still having this AMAZING safe space for us to be OURSELVES, as we are truly meant to be and live. More importantly ENERGISING and EMPOWERING WOMEN in all phases of their life.

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I have over 15 years of experience in:

  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness

  • Pilates 

  • Weighted Metabolic Workouts

  • Also helping the Menopausal Ladies to get strong and slow down the bone density / muscle decline process!

  • Wellness Progrmmes and Challenges

  • Corporate Seminars and Well Being Workshops

  • Children's Fitness!

  • Total Resistance Exercises (TRX)

  • AntiGravity Fitness

  • And more!​


I support and teach women at any age of their lives!

Having background in kids fitness, pre-post natal, fitness and wellness throughout a women's entire life, emotional health which is a huge topic for me, mid-life crisis, menopause, shame to name a few. 

I have also researched menopause in depth as diagnosed early onset at only 42!

Don't get me wrong; its not all doom and gloom! I believe that FUN and not taking things too seriously is a GREAT TOOL to have in your toolbox. So the talks and classes I teach have got plenty of banter too :)

Apart from my studies and research I share MY OWN TRUE STORIES too - I feel that in order to TRULY CONNECT with my audience, I have to be ME (the whole of me) and not just the instructor or coach part of me.

"By being RAW and AUTHENTIC you start to really connect with people" and that for me is the biggest joy in the world :)

Ready to join me and my amazing community of women?

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