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Incredibly popular, these short-term challenges have proven to deliver amazing results to all my clients! They are designed to get you to FINALLY get you going in everything you set out to do.

They are a mix of fitness / meal plans / mindset hacks / lifestyle support such as improving social wellness and everyday living – no matter what your goals are. I have INCREDIBLE resources and coaching on habit change for women IN ALL PHASES OF LIFE.

In a nut shell?

These challenges will level up your life in all areas x

Physically • Emotionally • Financially

From time to time I get to do them with you!

Yes I also need to stay on my toes! We all do!

We have all the material and content in the members area of the website for you and email you personally whenever we must communicate anything important. There is always a private support group – that’s where we get to hang out!

All the lives and communication and content are FUELED UP with my past and present, studies and life-skills plus everything I’ve used to turn my life around (all my nitty gritty secrets)…..these I will share with you :) x

I’m very REAL and AUTHENTIC when I teach and coach and that’s why I get to connect with you on a deeper level. Don’t worry there’s lots of banter included too! Life is already too hectic and stressful, so my job is to also ensure we have fun in the process :)​





They are only offered at selected times throughout the year.

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GET BACK ON TRACK AND THRIVE, a great programme to remove the blocks in your life that are holding you back! 


Do you need daily training, coaching and accountability, a safe and supportive community? This 21-day programme is going to FAST FORWARD you back on track, PLUS it will level you up to thrive long term.

Learn more, sign up or join the waiting list!

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This challenge is 3 BLOCK Course to pursue optimum health, vitality, and hormonal freedom! We will unlock and unleash with Fitness, Food and Other techniques and products while harnessing various mindset techniques that will enable you to reach your goals.

This 'Hormone + Mindset Reset' course takes a ton of overwhelming information and mini goals it down to an understandable and very applicable format.

Combining high-powered classes and calming, nurturing movement sessions to help you get strong, lean and above all get your confidence and IDENTITY back!

What The Course Includes
– Balance Your Hormones + Renew Your Energy Guidance and Coaching
– Meal plans, Templates, and Recipes
– Lifestyle Guide and Hormone Checklist
– Supplements Guidance
– Top Foods for Hormonal Balance
– Mental and Emotional Training Management
– Transformation Training For Women

If you need to feel more confident and be at your best before Christmas then join the Hormone + Mindset Reset. Be part of a community which embraces the femininity but don't mind getting ruffled up strong and sweaty and out of comfort zones!

Lets Learn how to use your MIND, EMOTIONS and BODY working with you to achieve your best self!

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Let's UNLEASH what you were designed for!


New challenges are

added regularly!