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Sometimes you just need a little start for magical things to happen, read a story from one of my wonderful clients:

"In January I was really stuck, I woke up upset and tired, I got through the best the day the best I could, I weighed more than I had since I was even pregnant, I didn't move very much.

The nature of my job is office-based so I can sit there easily for 6 hours tapping away. To be honest I didn't care about how I looked, taking a shower was even, dare I say it, hard.

It's not that I had given up, but at that point in my life so much was going on I couldn't even think of doing anything for me. Getting up was an achievement. But tbh I'm not sure anyone really noticed, as I did get up and did all the things your supposed to do. You know, get up, take the kids to school, go to the shops, clean, organise book days, make work on time...


Nearly a year to date, I started this amazing transformation and I feel and am fitter now than I have ever been, both physically and mentally.

I took on this challenge wanting to change my eating habits, to lose some weight and become much fitter. My aim was to lose 10 kilos but I have lost 18 kilos.

The learning curve is steep and you have to be determined and consistent but Natalie is hugely supportive, encouraging and fun.

The group is also amazing as everyone is in it for primarily the same purpose but you gain so much more from having each others support and encouragement.

I have learned so much and know now that this is my new way of life and any little slip up won’t derail my progress. I’m living it and loving it. - Denielle Gomez

In January I knew I needed to do something about my well-being and joining Natalie’s challenge has been life-changing for me. Where the menopause stripped me of my confidence, my ability to train, and my once 70.3 Ironman level fitness to nothing more than reluctantly walking the dog, Natalie has brought all it all back in abundance! The course structure works perfectly, the face-to-face classes are great, and her unwavering support is a welcome addition to my day. Another Natalie Hill Challenge……? I can’t imagine life without them! - Katie Line


What a difference in 11 months, new bathroom, new phone but most importantly a new me!

After the lockdowns I had really struggled with my weight. I was quite unhappy and at one point even considered having a tummy tuck.

And then I rediscovered Natalie Hill. 10 kg lighter and much much stronger, I feel that I've entered my 40s as a new person. Forever grateful for the motivation Natalie and her team inspires. I love the health hub community, the support from all the members and the fun times we have in class. Here's to the next 11 months, to fitness, health and laughter 

Highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants a change in their life!  - Genevieve Alecio

ulyl review


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I have found the fitness pal really useful so getting used to tracking calories.  I have found tracking calories easier than the exercise … at work I am on my feet all day, up and down hundreds of stairs, so doing extra exercise in the evening is harder!
But all in all, I feel I am breaking the bad snacking habits, am losing weight gradually and mentally feeling much stronger.
What I love, is how much of the 21 level up your life I keep using and coming back to! 🙌🏼

The 21 day plan has been a very powerful tool to make that shift in thinking and mentality.  Thank you so much. 😘 - Louise

fast track review

5-Day Fast Track Challenge

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Midsection Meltdown


My members are doing an amazing job no matter what life is throwing at us nowadays. Their GOALS and DREAMS giving them a sense of purpose and this ensures they stay focused. The results that they are getting are PHENOMENAL!!

Vanessa says:

"My bloating has gone!"

Elaine says:

"My jeans are falling down!"

Marisa says:

"I've got my energy back!"

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