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One of my Wonderful Clients

Updated: Feb 14

Sometimes you just need a little start for magical things to happen, read a story from one of my wonderful clients:

"In January I was really stuck, I woke up upset and tired, I got through the best the day the best I could, I weighed more than I had since I was even pregnant, and I didn't move very much.

The nature of my job is office-based so I can sit there easily for 6 hours tapping away. To be honest I didn't care about how I looked, taking a shower was even, dare I say it, hard.

It's not that I had given up, but at that point in my life so much was going on I couldn't even think of doing anything for myself. Getting up was an achievement. But tbh I'm not sure anyone really noticed, as I did get up and did all the things you're supposed to do. You know, get up, take the kids to school, go to the shops, clean, organise book days, make work on time.

And then I would hear it, constantly, so and so has 3 children and still manages to go to the gym 3 times a week; Ohhhh just get up half an hour earlier (not likely - it was a miracle I was getting up at all) and then do your gym sessions (BAH !!! ); My favourite is "you have the exact same hours as Beyonce" (I'm sure Beyonce has a team to deal with her nutrition and will do the washing up) …..To be honest I was fed up being told how crap I was and that it was all excuses. No one needed to tell me that I was rubbish at being a mum, wife, employee, or self-care (insert a 100 other things here).

The fact I couldn't squeeze myself into a size 14 (ok maybe 16) was just what it was, and I am not going to lie when people said those things to me it made me worse, not better.

Then I met Nat, I've known Nat for a while, lurking in the background of her Facebook group. We started to talk about life, and the struggles and slowly I told her some of the mental struggles I was under. We laughed about them (good for the soul) she told me about her mindset work and very rarely did we even mention my weight.

I started to pay attention to her posts - drink more water - do it first thing so it's done, to feel less fatigued.

(Ok that's easy, I can do that)

Any movement is good movement, don't worry about working out, just get moving (Ok I can definitely do that)

I liked the way Nat had gone through things and wasn't afraid to share, and the way she told her story. So I started to listen to her more and decided to join up with her Unlock and Unleash. She encouraged me to join, I wasn't sure I could commit to it though, but she said that was okay, just do what I can.

And so I did.

She told me not to be perfect.. and I wasn't. To just make one decision about my health at a time. Just try to include a few more veggies. So I did. To make a commitment to myself, one thing which was non-negotiable. And I did. Just one thing a week. And I've stuck to it.

And every week when I forgot all these things - she popped up on my screen and told me while laughing and enthused with energy!! And it made me choose myself for once, something I haven't done in a while.

So where am I now? I haven't been to one in-person class, I haven't joined a gym and I am not a size 10 like I used to be....yet. Here I am...

Mentally, miles better from where I was, More patient and not just with my children but with myself as well. Feeling a bit more like the old me, 9kg down - slowly, slowly, and no one noticed, but I've noticed and I know that it will take me a long time to be physically where I want to be. I am happy it's going to take time because I'm not being extreme, I am going at my own pace.

I make decisions by the minute not by the day or the week, what I mean by this is, that I can choose to drink a coke that doesn't mean I have to choose to then have a burger. One 'bad' choice doesn't define your journey.

I have learned to not look at any other person's journey other than your own, just nod and smile when people say you should do this or do that. That if you want to be really slim you should do so and so. What works for some won't necessarily work for me and my life.

I've learned that slow and steady wins the race. That moving, any movement, is good for the soul and body. That I can put in boundaries and put myself first.

But mainly that someone (Nat) has been there and understands and won't judge me for it. Her mindset work has pushed me forward and helped me stay consistent. " - Anonymous

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