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Life’s Little Adventures!

We are always trying to find BIG adventures. Or thinking we must do BIG THINGS to get to adventure. Being in the outdoors, having a new herbal tea, doing a new class or talk, having overall new friendships and smaller daily experiences is sometimes a wonderful way to feed little adventures.

Personally, I used to push myself to limits to help me make me feel alive. From backpacking to skydiving to signing up for a HUGE Life Course or event, I’m always looking for things to do that ignite the wild side in me. I know you do that too x

However, sometimes even I need to remember that adventure doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to find.


I was reminded of this the other weekend when I decided to give my ONLINE and LIVESTREAM another push since lockdowns. So many of my members still do online and I had forgotten how exciting it is to tune in and work out together each of us in our own home! Friday Lunch Club is also growing rapidly and I have found a new adventure in all of this, exciting, creative, positive and fun!

Adventure is Important but little ones more so.

Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable for basically all of us. It’s just that some of us are better at that feeling than others. However, doing new things, pushing yourself, and having new experiences is what life is all about! And it’s often what leads to the most growth. Adventure expands your worldview, builds confidence, and makes you feel alive!

If a BIG adventure scares you to get stuck, then have smaller adventures daily! We must have joy in our day to day.

What does Adventure mean for you?

That’s not to say you should go climb Everest tomorrow. Adventure is different for everyone. Could be to join a new book club or art lesson. It’s camping in a place you’ve never camped before, cooking a recipe you’ve never cooked before. It’s taking your family to a new hike or restaurant.

Adventure is in the eye of the beholder

I loved getting excited about ONLINE again, also trying a new recipe in our family Saturday Night Take In.

What does adventure look like for you?

Natalie xxx

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