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1: Your first meal of the day needs to be lean protein and good fats - Ditch the carb loaded cereals and go for eggs, smoked salmon, avocado or whizz up a greens juice.

Eat the first meal of the day whenever you like you don’t have to eat the minute you get up. Focus on the food quality.

If you are on holidays try NOT to start the day with cakes and buns and bread from the breakfast buffet!...... Start with protein….then whatever happens for the rest of the day you have at least started right!

2: Meal Prep - It’s so cool these days to take your food with you in your Tupperware.

Take 15 minutes each evening to prep your food for the next day. Batch cook and load up your air fryer saves hours of cooking and clearing away and keeps you bang on track. Salads and smoothies in summer are a god send too.

3: Sleep - Develop a good sleep routine.

Sleep is where the body resets and burns tons of fat. Cut down your screen time in the evening, try a relaxing hot bath with essential oils, sleep in a bat cave & take your iphone out of the room.

It's ULTIMATELY UP to you.

Stop waiting to be rescued, or for the right timing - Act now and start moving, eating healthier and loving yourself


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