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Can I start with a confession?

I am the world’s biggest nerd in September!

It’s one of my favourite months because it means BACK ON IT September.

For me, September represents new journals and planners, new highlighters, (new training gear as its my birthday on the 6th)… oh! and a new calendar. It symbolises starting a new routine and setting new goals to finish the year off strong.

Would you agree? September is just the best for new beginnings! Way better than January!

So how do I exactly plan my September goals?

If you’re looking to learn how to set goals, or are just curious about what I’m working on this month, this is a rough plan:

This month I set my goals in a few different categories

My physical health

My mental health

My learning & growing

My family

My business

My side project

Or like I like to call them


You see if I set HUGE goals for each category - not only would I fail miserably but the knock on effects on my motivation that would have me staying STUCK. And staying stuck is one of the worst feelings in the world.

So I mini goal EVERYTHING.

I take a regular goal and down size it so its DOABLE and you may want to REPEAT again and again.

Because its a shift in the brain from HUGE GOALS = HUGE OVERWHELM = STUCK



And of course you won’t stay mini goals forever! Once you adopt new habits they become easier to load up.

So your “once 5 -10mins walk around the block” or ‘5 page motivational’ read now becomes longer as you set about your weekly planning.

What are your goals this September and do you need help in pursuing them long enough?

Or do you want to know how to MINI GOAL them?

Lets jump in together into my next course! DM or email us x

Natalie x

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