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2022 Well-being Calendar

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This beautiful Diary and Personal Planner is created with you in mind to help you grow your personal development in all areas and plan your well-being journey for the year.

Firstly you should know it is packed full of fitness, health and wellness awareness days, weeks and months so that you can get super ready to celebrate those special events.

Secondly, this diary includes some SECRET STRATEGIES built into it. It’s the framework I teach to help you set your goals, create your ideal life, stay accountable and keep on track.

There are sections where you stop and take stock. There are times when we look back and reflect. There are moments where we look at how far we’ve come and celebrate.

I get you focussed every day with our Gratitudes and there’s lots of room for notes and diary entries too.

All my upcoming challenges and events are included :) x Dates may be subject to change at times, do keep yourself updated by subscribing to my newsletter Or you can email us if you need anything!

This well-being book will help you grow in all aspects of your life next year and I will be with you every step of the way with personal messages through email newsletters and my challenges.

However, if you are a Your Health Hub (YHH) member you get to dive deep into this journey with me personally.

Plus, BIG CHANGES this year. Although my love for fitness and nutritional programmes will never change... I have adapted the delivery and ultimately the message on how MINDSET truly is the key.

This well-being planner and diary is your health companion! But if you want to grab me in person to accompany you on your journey, then don't hesitate to jump into any of my upcoming programmes or leap into Your Health Hub to get access to my health bank. I go live to talk about various topics and have challenges to keep you on your toes too :) x

How exciting is that? I can’t wait to get started with you. I know a lot of you are great at getting along but this feature will have it all there for you.

All things fitness/health/mindset!

I can’t wait to see all the progress you'll be undergoing!

Do let me know how you are finding the calendar throughout the year!

Nat x

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