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Strava Cardio Club

Download the Strava app to connect with me and fellow members of Your Health Hub in this private club and track your workouts, races and fitness adventures. Are you not familiar with Strava? Watch the video below to get a general understanding of this wonderful platform that provides you with a variety of metrics to analyse your physical performance during exercise and keep track of your training. The social aspects of Strava also allow you to keep track with your peers and see how they are doing! In short, it's a tool for those who exercise.

I personally am a HUGE FAN of cardio. I love it for more than one reason but my main reason has to be the de-stressing factor it gives you. I also do all my BRAINSTORMING for my upcoming challenges and events!

I also love to connect with people on every level especially so to get the accountability we all need (boy, do we need this from time to time!)

Strava is not all about competition, but a friendly rivalry and banter goes a long way after a very long day!

Can’t wait to organise my next online cardio event!! Join the FREE Strava Club and watch out for my notification!

Nat :) x

Here is the link you need to connect with us on Strava:

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