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Water Goals

Drinking enough water throughout the day can be a challenge, but it is so important! Even I struggle with drinking enough water on a daily basis but there are so many different ways to make it easier!

I find that if I take around a large water bottle I have an easier time getting my water in. When I have my water right in front of me it makes it easy to remember to drink. Do you have any tips or tricks for getting your daily amount of water in?

Drinking enough water throughout the day is an important aspect when it comes to health! And while you may have heard that you are supposed to drink THIS N THAT of water a day, it really depends on your size.


A healthy adult needs around 35 ml of water each day per kilogram of body weight . At least according to the general guidelines from scientific organisations. A person weighing 50 kilograms requires 1.7 litres, 60 kilograms 2.1 litres, 70 kilograms 2.4 litres and 80 kilograms 2.8 litres.

You may be wondering why it is so important to drink so much water throughout the day. There are many reasons why you should drink water and work on drinking the right amount every day! I know drinking water can be difficult, especially if you feel hydrated, but these benefits will make you want to keep that water bottle nearby!


Like I already mentioned, I don’t count the water I drink during a workout as part of my daily intake since I am simply staying hydrated. But it is important to hydrate before and after a workout as well! Staying hydrated can help you perform better, reduces fatigue, controls temperature, improves endurance, and can make your workout seem easier.

The main point is, drinking water and staying properly hydrated can help make your workouts much more enjoyable!


NO, adding water to your diet will not make you lose weight! However, it can help in your weight loss efforts. If you are a person who drinks a lot of sugary or other drinks that are high in calories, switching to water will obviously help you to lose more weight. Another good tactic when it comes to water and weight loss is to drink a glass of water before every meal. This will help fill you up a little, allowing you to eat less.

Water-rich food, such as fruits, veggies, beans, and broth-based soups can also be beneficial! These types of food will help you feel fuller and are healthier, which are two things that will help you lose weight!


Who knew drinking more water can help you feel better!? But it is true! Drinking water and staying well hydrated can help keep you in a better mood. When you drink more water you will feel more alert, aware, calm, and positive! Dehydration can cause you to feel fatigued and even anxious. I think this is the best reason to drink more water! Feeling good is so important in everything you do!


As I mentioned above, dehydration can lead to fatigue. Which makes sense that being well hydrated can lead to more energy! Drinking more water will keep you more alert and awake. It may also be able to activate your metabolism, which could lead to increased energy levels! If you are feeling sluggish and fatigued, just drink some water to give yourself a little boost!


Did you know that your skin contains a ton of water!? I found this interesting and it makes sense that drinking water can help keep your skin looking good. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin may begin to look dry, dull, and older. Staying hydrated can help keep your skin looking younger and healthier, which I know is something all moms want!

Alright, now you know why water is such an important aspect when trying to live a healthy lifestyle! These are a few of my favourite reasons why you should stay properly hydrated! I know it can be hard to drink enough water throughout the day, but there are many different ways to make sure you do.

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