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Every season has its own rhythm.

Summertime is no different! It may not be the time to try new hard gruelling bootcamps or restrict yourselves in food and undergo big studies or mindset work.

THE HEAT IS ON! Hydration is definitely key in July and August.

With the temperature soaring higher and higher every day, a drop in our energy and willpower to engage in HEALTHY LIVING ESSENTIALS are evident!

The sweat, the rashes, the unforgiving heat of the sun deter us!

So in reality – our bodies/minds require DIFFERENT THINGS.

Do you do certain things DIFFERENTLY in the summertime?

Does your routine change drastically?

Or do you just plod on as usual?

FITNESS TIPS for the summer:
• Swimming- What better way to exercise and stay cool than swimming? Swimming is an activity that doesn’t feel very strenuous, yet helps shed excess weight massively.

• Brisk walking- Regular brisk walks early in the morning or during the evenings are a great way of staying active during the summer season.

• Hiking- Taking a break from the fast-paced city life and hiking in the hills is a good adventure sport that can be enjoyed in summer.

• Cycling- Ditch the car and take the bicycle instead to the local market. Cycling helps stay fit while additionally saving the fuel cost of the car.

- Definitely, the time to enjoy your mojitos and other cocktails HOWEVER alcohol will dehydrate you and mess up your ability to keep the hormonal balance ticking through. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink!

- Eat water-based food (more veggies and seasonal fruit). Mangoes, coconut water, sweetcorn, cucumber. These are great nutritious foods. Berries great antioxidants too!

- Smoothies and salads!

Bottom line?

There is NEVER a stop button for fitness / nutritious food and mindset.

It is an ONGOING journey.

In general - Seasonal fruits and veggies contain abundant nutrients. I know it's easy to pile on the BBQ burgers and fried fish when out and about for tapas. BUT the reality is that HEALTH COMES FIRST! Enjoy some but be conscious of not overloading on these.

Avoid fast food, deep-fried or street food as much as you can x

Swimming, volleyball, walking, and cycling TOP things to do !

Oh and do your stretches after sitting in that wretched beach chair all summer long!


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