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Lee Whitwell 100% Yanita living in the United States is one of the top professional female pickleball players. She has teamed up with Natalie Hill to take her fitness, mindset and wellness to the next level as well as co-create content for pickleball players and fitness enthusiasts everywhere around the globe.

The aim is to create a safe space community and no judgement zone for everyone on and off the court. Non-pickle ball fitness enthusiasts all over the world are welcome to join! It's a great forum to "hang out" with like-minded individuals, and also a great place to be nurtured, coached and trained. :)

Tips, hacks, and banter to be included!

So, whether you’re a sportsperson, fitness enthusiast or just looking to get stronger for everyday living, this is a great place to be!

BECOME A MEMBER TODAY at only £ or $ !! Mega Deal for Founder Membership!

First 50 get in!


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Lee and Nat history how we go back 30 years of friendship and sports fun being in the same team we know what hard work BUT FUN etc..... (I will come back with more)

Also, what to expect in the membership 

You'll Get:

  • Access to workouts aimed at improving:

    • Strength

    • Speed

    • Quickness

  • Wellness Workouts + Rehab 

  • Mobility + Stretching Workouts

  • Access to our community page

Founder Membership Deal!

Lee and Natalie have a SUPER Offer for the first 50 members who join

Grab a 25% discount on the membership

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