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Updated: Feb 14

I can’t seem to stop overeating or snacking on the wrong things, I guess I’ll just have to accept this is me forever now…. yes?


I can’t do the exercise I love anymore, is this it for me?

The answer is no, well….. I mean, within reason BUT I am a huge believer that the body (and mind) has the ability to heal itself from most things.

My quick back story: Approx 8 Weeks ago, I could barely walk, I had to stop my running, med steps were a no-go and I couldn’t even get up from the sofa. My joints were continuously in excruciating pain and I just couldn’t stop my late-night sabotage.

My alcohol and caffeine had crept back in. The overindulgence never really went away after the Xmas hols. I was overweight and the more I trained the more I would eat to compensate for all the new stress that came with a new year.

You see my hips were in agony, my sciatica and piriformis flareup had come back. When I stood up I couldn't even align myself properly (I am a pilates instructor but had the worst hip imbalance now) What on earth was going on!!!!!.

I felt like a midlife menopausal overweight and emotional FREAK

I WAS!!! HAHA!!!!

It would have been sooooooo simple and so EASY to throw in the towel. So I kicked and screamed for a few days and slowly “undug” my heels and started to eliminate one thing weekly.

I went to see my good friend Pris the specialist who set me on a new path, she taught me some amazing techniques that together with my pilates background I promised myself I was going to HEAL MYSELF BACK INTO HEALTH!

1. One week I stopped the alcohol (for those wondering I wasn't drinking daily lol, just at the weekends or at an event). But the after-effects alcohol has on my body and mind personally, had to go completely.

2. I did my early morning 7mins Pilates re-alignment exercises (I still do them) I do them whilst my kettle boils in the morning.

3. I eliminated the snacking (I had insane cravings - this was mostly due to not eating enough at meals or not drinking enough water) So a simple switch to 3 basic meals no snacking and upped my water did just the trick.

4. I had to change my mindset from training HARD to training SMART

I never stopped training or stopped believing In the process

More importantly? I NEVER GAVE UP or GAVE IN!

Yes, I am still a little menopausal and freakish BUT! Despite all of that chaos - I still choose to keep going and place my HEALTH FIRST

Stronger mum, partner, and coach means I get to have stronger kids, partner and amazing MEMBERS!

So tell me - have you given up or thinking of CONFORMING?

DON'T! There is always a back story, a main action story, and a super ending.

Oh and yes I get to enjoy some tennis, back to running and med stepping and all the classes with my amazing groups.

Hope this helps someone today!

If you need guidance, tips or just simply want to get stronger (at any age) DM ME or email us and we’ll help you get closer to your goals :) x

Nat xxxxx

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