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Maximising Time in your Life!

Updated: Feb 14

This is something I really had to get a hold of if I wanted to reach my goals.

Because let's face it, we don’t have hours to focus on things that give us joy, and fulfillment on a daily basis.

Most of us have to work to earn money to put food on the table, pay mortgages, and go on holidays!

But I knew some things had to change if I wanted to level up in my business, my family, and my life in general.

I learned this in my life coaching course and I wanted to share it with you in the hope you can get some use out of it too.

For me, it changed the way I saw things, and TIME MANAGEMENT didn’t seem such a chore and bore.

Are you ready?

OK! I want you to sit back on your chair, or if you’re cooking or doing chores around the house or walking to work as you hear this just zoom out (IN YOUR MIND).

I want you to make believe you have a BLANK DIGITAL TEMPLATE / blank canvas in front of you (something similar to Tom Cruise's movie – I think it may have been Minority Report? Where he was swiping bits of data around? Remember that?

Anyway, I want you to have a SHARP LASER FOCUS on what is IMPORTANT TO YOU.

Visualise your 3 most important segments of your life RIGHT NOW.

For me?

  • Family

  • Business

  • Fun

So take some time to write down or MAP OUT what are your big rocks in these segments.

Make up a list or tap onto your phone what are the things you are NOT willing / shouldn’t be giving up.

and mix in your core values, and your likes and dislikes into this too.

Highlighting the bits that don’t serve you anymore and trying to either

REMOVE or MANAGE it differently.

And it's not sometimes about a MASSIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE.

So don’t go:

  • Quitting Jobs

  • Leaving husbands/partners

  • Getting that sleeve tattoo just yet!

Well maybe the tattoo.

But listing up all the things that are important to you and YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEMS, it will HELP in any decisions or changes you may set out for your next chapter in life.

Focus on what’s important to you and your closest.

Have the conversations.

DO weekly strategic meetings with your partner/kids

Whenever one of you is embarking on a BIG DECISION (we often forget about the structure and support system).

So some food for thought today!

Grab a big WHITEBOARD or large Paper and roadmap your LIFE!

What’s important

What gets included

what DOESN’T!!!

By removing things that no longer serve you you’ll have more time to focus on

Joy, good energy, and inner peace!

Hope this helps someone today!

Hugs Nat xx

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