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Updated: Feb 14

Do you still struggle to START taking control of your nutrition and exercise in the new year?

I'll be honest I LOVE exercise but I also LOVE food!

It's a constant battle, one that is ongoing !! And although I'm pretty focused at the moment, it's NEVER linear and full of zigs and zags

Is that YOU?

I also find that most people I talk to will either struggle with getting started OR maintain their good habits long-term.

It's always mainly one or the other.

They can't KICK START in the right direction and even when they start, it's finding the CONSISTENCY to keep going, which is their main downfall.


I help to focus on food and exercise and how to understand there's no right/wrong but more of how some foods take you closer to your goals and some don't.

Also reframing the way we think about exercise (again no right or wrong) some people will LOVE their walking/other gentle stretching yoga/pilates and others will just love their HIIT and WEIGHTS! If you are into sports that's brilliant and hope that you keep up your training as long as you can.......

With Food MAKE IT A SIMPLE START: cut down on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Which will be easy for most as we are at the back of very overindulgent holidays!

Have you embarked on any New Years' resolutions?

Dry January


Have you perhaps booked yourself into a challenge/event? It's the perfect time of the year to start working towards something NEW!

PRO TIP: Is to cut down one small thing a week instead of all in one go!

SLOW AND STEADY! Gives long-term results!!

Remember I have the tools to make it work longterm

  • No restriction

  • No deprivation

Just SUPER energising, fun, and inspiring roads ahead!!

Exercise: let's get this working for you, It is a NECESSITY in life and one that I make my lifelong mission to help you with.

But maybe you already LOVE exercising?

Or do you find it the HARDEST PART OF ALL?

I help you achieve it by understanding that motivation takes you so far and that it's THE OBLIGATION YOU HAVE TO YOURSELF which is the key to your success.

Wherever you are in your fitness/health journey


Because no matter how driven you are, or how motivated you are right now

LIFE can shove you in the wrong direction and if you are not careful you will soon give up.

and when you give up on your exercise, food choices, or journalling or water goals or hobbies, etc etc.

You are ultimately giving up on YOURSELF

BUT by understanding that it's not ALL or NOTHING

That it's about that 1% daily

Even on your toughest days

You can still do something to keep propelling you forwards

Today is a great day to have a GREAT day

Are you ready?

Let's Go!

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Natalie xxxx

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