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Updated: Feb 14

I am beyond excited! And for more reasons than one.

It is true that it will be a great opportunity to showcase what I love to do in fitness to a larger audience, be amongst amazing UK leading instructors, hang out with fitness enthusiasts and just have the best time. It is also a great chance to show off my members who are just THE BEST TEAM EVER x

But more importantly, I have been INSPIRED to RESET, re-invent and reboot myself once more.

It is true that if we become STAGNANT in our day to day, our jobs, our personal lives get affected. We lose the va va voom and we just plod day in and day out busy with the usuals.

I am excited about FREESTYLE FITNESS once more! Yes, I had forgotten about what made me become an exercise instructor in the first place. The fusion of my FREE spirit together with all my learnings since 2005.

Could never fit into a box of any kind…….believe me I tried!

So let me ask you……

Have you become a little stagnant yourself?

Are you struggling to work out and find time to exercise?

Perhaps you are already training but need a NEW fresh approach?

Have you lost your way with your food choices?

Do you need help with your mindset and motivation?

Do you keep self-sabotaging your health progress?

If you need a reboot and a reset and a RETREAT…..join me!

On my Freestyle Fitness RETREAT evening at the garrison gym on 13th June join the event and hit ‘going’

If you are a FREE Spirit (or just need to RELEASE and let your hair down) come join us for a couple of hours

Here's the timetable - simple and time for you to UNWIND x

7pm Meet + Greet and Mindset Talk 7:30pm PILATES IBIZA VIBES 8pm Freestyle Fitness Class 8:30pm BrainFIT Balance 8:50pm Relaxation / Cooldown

Chance for quick Q+A

Every session will arm you with tips & tactics to remind you to FREE Your Mind of expectations and structure and restraints and ‘fitting into a box’

You will just be PRESENT IN THE MOMENT with me and super duper participants :) x

Who is this RETREAT aimed at:

**YOU if you still need to work on being YOU

** Experience beautiful classes.

** Need help with mindset and motivation.

** Need rejuvenating.

Living a healthy happier lifestyle using the FREE SPIRIT principals.

LIVE by your terms,

Get stronger physically, mentally and emotionally

Meet everyone where THEY are and celebrate together

Its time……

Natalie x

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