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STRENGTH – What this means to me.

Updated: Feb 14

Fitness and energy is all I’ve ever known since a young child, running around, climbing, and just not able to keep still! To then all kinds of sports, dance and not to mention all the discos and raves.

In my late twenties and early thirties, becoming a fitness instructor was just a natural step to take. This spurred me onto other directions in the wellness world and always moving forwards with energy in abundance.

2 kids later and I was still on top of the world in energy, fitness, and desire for MORE!

I was so STRONG in mind, body, and soul!

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next though. If you follow me in socials and come to classes then you’ll know all about my sudden turn in energy and how it was zapped away.

Auto-immune disease and early menopause changed my day-to-day life and now I had to re-invent.

I had to view STRENGTH in a different way now.

The PHYSICAL part of my strength is now my non-negotiable. Not one day goes by without some form of exercise. But exercise varies depending on the day. From HIIT to weight training, to an outdoor run or cycle. Most mornings I do some mobility work and core correction as its what I need. What we all need!

And so let me ask what STRENGTH means to you?

-Does strength mean you get to lift that extra kilo in your weights class?

-Does strength mean you reached your run goal or weight loss goal?

OR does it mean:

- You can finally say no to the things that don’t serve you

- That you get to wake up every morning, and face your day HEAD ON even when life is squeezing you?

It could just mean,

You finally had that conversation with that someone that you were holding back all these years…….


GIVING IN, LETTING GO. Because you know in your heart it is the right thing to do.

I think that is the ULTIMATE Strength !!

So what are you STRONG for?

Are you strong physically and need to become strong mentally?


Are you strong mentally but want to become fitter? Stronger?

How about emotionally?

So when you next hear someone define STRENGTH

Check in with yourself and think about what this word means to you.

Because for me it’s a different ball game now.

My new Strength means I get to find it from different sources now. I use tools and tips I’ve had to re-learn when life got TOUGH. Some days it comes from a simple gesture from a random stranger to the unexpected cuddle from one of my daughters or partner.

I heavily work on the PHYSICAL aspect at studio classes and online workouts. Building strength through weight training and Pilates.

But I also teach the MINDSET work, the accountability, and the constant support to help keep moving forwards.

We talk about EMOTIONAL Management – the taboos, peeling the onion layers to be able to become a truer, REAL, and RAW self.

Being unapologetically YOU.

And that I believe is the STRONGEST STRENGTH there is.

Hope this helps someone today!

Catch my next challenge – let's get STRONG!

Till next time!


Natalie x

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