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Updated: Feb 14

Look, I get it…..we come from a side of the world that food and wine IS EVERYTHING! Oh and wherever you are too in the world that is most probably the case eh?

I talk about this topic LOTS and LOTS in my groups as it gets heated and it’s the HOTTEST topic. Why? Because it’s the very SYMPTOM that women cannot seem to shift!

See I said “Sympton” and not Cause. Emotional eating either one of 3 things: 1. A way of procrastination, putting things off that are going to cause pain. 2. Overwhelm and Stress Overload. 3. A Habit formed because your system remains unchanged. and what do we do whenever we fall into these 3 categories? We either EAT or DRINK! Fine if you’re hungry or “thirsty” at the time – but most often that not we “BINGE” or “EMOTIONAL EAT” when we’re not even hungry ! I do go in depth with strategies and methods on this one with my groups BUT here’s a quick “go to” you can use today  x First BREATHE IN FOR 3 Seconds Drink a Tall glass of water Wait…. Then: SUPER “GO TO” LIST:

I challenge you to write down a "go to" you will promise to do INSTEAD of reaching out for food (when not hungry) this week? Examples: message a friend / take a bath / read a book / get your meal prep done / do the laundry …… Oh and we’re mostly visual Learners so: Write it down on a POST IT and stick it on your fridge or pantry

Oh and when the cravings hit hard…You can also do 5 Squats or Go into another room flying your arms around in the air?

Try that next time you get a craving to wal into the pantry or open the fridge door or stroll towards the vending machine at work…. Re-Wire that Brain and MOVE ON  x

Emotional Eating is TRICKY! but with the proper steps and methods and strategies, the brain will slowly start to re-wire and you'll be able to enjoy your relationship with food again

Nat x

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