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Look Back, Look Forwards But don’t pause for too long!

Updated: Feb 14

Each year it's a great idea to take stock. Even if the last year wasn’t awesome, and even if you aren’t into making resolutions, it’s still good to take inventory and see how you feel about the past as well as the future.

Look back, and then look forward, and decide how you want your life to go based on that information.

Hardships galore hit us hard! I know. But whenever life squeezes, I stick by the motto "every cloud has its silver lining". With every struggle you face, you are presented with new opportunities.

It's not always easy to embrace I know. But if there's a plan, I know I have some path or a journey to fulfil, so I get excited about the future! x

A look back into 2021

I had a lot of WINS in 2021! I have made amazing memories with my kids. I also did a lot of new things with my business, and I made closer relationships that leave me feeling fulfilled and happy. However, I had a lot of challenges as well. I had to take an honest look at my life and make some hard decisions. Through this, I had to be tough on myself. But I had to remember to balance that with giving myself grace — easier said than done at times! I had to pivot, and I had to work hard, and I had to accept a few things that weren’t ideal, but it was all important for my growth and so I could be a better person for those around me.

Your 2021?

Take a look back at your 2021. What were your hardships or celebratory moments? What would you repeat in 2022, and what would you change? What are you grateful for? What are you sad about? What made you laugh? What do you wish you could change?

Looking Forward to 2022

When I think of 2022, I personally think about OPPORTUNITY and NEW ADVENTURES, even despite the hardships. I decided that I would no longer get over consumed with it all and I would just place my energy on what I can do and not on what I can't.

Again this is hard sometimes! I am in no way IMMUNE to this thinking but I am definitely working on it on a daily basis. Yes, I do daily work on it to keep going on the right track. That's why I have my NEW well-being calendar and all the challenges and Your Health Hub membership. I too get energised and empowered by coaching everyone! I also jump into the challenges now and then, to keep me on my toes :) x

This next year can mean a lot for growth in my business, for laughs with my loved ones, TO SMILE MORE, for precious time with my growing kids, for more outdoor adventures, for trying new things, and for helping others. It’s a time to think about what is important, and how I can achieve the things I've been putting off. Writing down all of these goals on my whiteboard is such a fun exercise for me when it comes to goal setting for the next year.

What do you see when you look into 2022?

Maybe you see opportunity, or maybe you are overwhelmed with the idea of making changes? The last couple of years has been the most challenging yet! Maybe this year is full of mindset work and keeping yourself focused on the positives. Maybe all you want is to smile more? Or build some more confidence, or strength or just want to stick to your goals, once and for all.

Perhaps you have BIG plans and CHANGES you want to make?

But you need guidance or accountability?

Now is the time to make those plans! How do you go about goal setting?


But taking action is not easy. It's simple, but not easy! Usually, there are deep-rooted emotional barriers set. Things STOPPING YOU DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS. In moving forwards, in advancing in helping you grow and UP-LEVEL. It's like a force that's paralysing you from leaping into LEVELLING UP YOUR LIFE!

Taking action is the part everyone struggles with. Without action, your goal list, or to-do list, or colour coded planner, or notebook or shiny pen or ALL your promises you tell yourself or keep repeating to yourself

Will amount to........ NOTHING.

I've had to work on this a lot. Especially when I had to take a good honest look at my life and take lots of little actions on a daily basis.

Taking Action doesn't have to be hard though.

Hey, it's harder to see yourself I EXACTLY the same position every 1st Day of the Year!!

I DIG DEEP into this topic in my next challenge

My 21 Day Challenge starts very soon :) x

In my next 21-Day Challenge Up-Level Your Life, I work through this entire process and teach it to you! Each day has an action item that will help you reach your goal for 2022, no matter what it is!

My new 21-Day Challenge starts in February.

If you want help taking action, I’m here to help!

Sign up HERE to be a part of my 21-Day Challenge!

This year is YOUR year!

Natalie xxxxx

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