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I hope you’ve had a great midterm week and enjoying your lovely Sunday morning. Really looking forward for this upcoming week. The temperature has gone up! The mornings are brighter and all things are looking good in the health and fitness front in our membership groups! PLUS! 12 week transformation ladies are crushing their goals check these out!


Check my timetables this week. If you are still not on the health and fitness train contact me today, don’t wait any longer. The time is now!!


4 Week KICKSTART Upgraded - Natalie’s IFS Countdown Shred!

I have super news to share with you. I never offer my final four week transformation stage, but this time I’ve decided to push it out to everyone for the final 4 weeks as I am doing it alongside with YOU! Yes, that’s right, I need to be in my best possible shape and mindset for the International Fitness Showcase 2024, which I am presenting eek!!!!! And I want to share all my secrets and hacks I personally use to get into shape - Want to know more?

There’s more! If you were around in my Kick Start Fat Loss days - you have a discount! Email / Comment back KICKSTART and I’ll get back with your discount code HOW EXCITING!!!!


P.S. February we are continuing with the Step Challenge for heart health PLUS WalkFIT on all my pages plus are you inside my free group yet? - do you still struggle to walk / run outdoors and need some confidence-building first? I also have my Studio Online membership it’s only £19! I have tons of mind and body basics and knee friendly HIITs

PLUS I go live a few times a week :)

Let’s get you sorted xx

Don’t forget Email me back 'KICKSTART' x

Your friend and coach

Natalie x

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